Customer Feedback

Since using fodda I feel like I could have a road-side stall, my vegetables are growing so fast.
Ida, Whangarei
Having used Fodda around some plants in my garden and not others you can really see the difference.  The plants I used fodda around are miles ahead.
Desley, Kerikeri
It is great to be able to use a natural product in my garden without worrying about my dogs digging up the plants.
Larraine, Helensville
Fodda seems to give the plants a real boost of growth.  A great product and a great use of recycling.
Janet (Green Urban Living)
Just wanted to give some feedback and say thanks for the wonderful Fodda!  I love using natural products rather than synthetic in the garden and I especially love that Fodda is made from matter that would otherwise have been sent to landfill.  I’ve used Fodda on my vege patch and amongst my roses and so far I’m getting fantastic results.  Thanks again.
Olivia Duncan
I love the feel of the soil enhancer. I sprinkled it as a mulch/fertiliser before going away for two weeks & found the plants who had been given it hadn’t dried up like the others.
Wendyl Nissen (Green Goddess)
We LOVED the soil enhancer.  I gave it to my dad who lives with us, he used it in a spot which was dry and we could never get anything to grow!  We now have a bumper crop of beautiful flowers!
Rebekah Taylor, Te Awamutu

Amaryllis flowerI love polyanthus but have always been disappointed in the results I get.  This year I put Fodda around them, what a difference.  The flower stems grew long & the bright little faces of the flowers beamed up at me, I am delighted.  I also sprinkled Fodda around my amaryllis bulbs as they peeked through the soil.  I have never had to stake an amaryllis flower before but the flower head is so huge and brilliant the stem, thick as it is, cannot support the flower head.  I cannot wait to see my roses!
Chris Ludbrook (Ludbrook House)