Fodda General Fertiliser

Fodda General Fertiliser
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Fodda – Feeding the Earth natural General Fertiliser – 5kg to turbo boost your veggies!

Once the soil has been prepared with Fodda Soil Enhancer, it is time to apply Fodda General Fertiliser to help with the sustained growth of your plants. Fodda General Fertiliser feeds the plants with all the major elements in the right quantities and has over 45 trace elements to promote healthy growth. A healthy plant will take up high quantities of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium for growth and these elements need to be replaced in the soil with natural products such a Fodda General Fertiliser.

 Natural, non toxic, non residue, biodegradable
 Increases the plant root growth by a factor of 3
 Increases the sugar content in the plants
 Reducing the leaching process from the top soil
 Supplies roots of each plant with all the necessary macro and micro elements
 Encourages beneficial micro organisms in the soil
 Increases the moisture withholding capacity of the soil
 Increases the fertility of the top soil


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